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Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is anyone allowed to visit or join Desford Swimming Club?

We welcome all genuine naturists to our club; individuals, couples & families - experienced naturists and first-timers. If you want to join us for a session, please Email to let us know you wish to attend. We can then arrange a mutually convenient date for a 1st visit. Please don't just turn up without agreeing a date with us beforehand!

2. What times are the sessions at Desford Swim & what do I need to bring?

The sessions is held every Sunday at 3.30pm to 5.00pm during college term times. Please ensure you arrive before 3.30pm. You need to bring Photo ID, with proof of address for your first visit, admission money, large towel for drying, shampoo and shower gel and a friendly personality.

3. Why do I/We need to provide ID?

Like all responsible Naturist Clubs, we require proof of ID whenever someone new wishes to attend. We don't want to put any genuine naturists off, but we know that occasionally people try to go to naturist events using false names and for the wrong reasons. Therefore, we do our best to make sure they are not admitted. We want all our members and visitors to feel safe, so we don't admit casual visitors who just 'turn up on the door'.

4. Do I have to be a member of British Naturism?

No. It is not essential to be a member of British Naturism to attend or join our club, but we do encourage you to join to give your support to the national organisation.

5. How many usually attend and what is the balance between males and females?

We usually have about 25 attending each week, but this varies between 15 and 35 on occasions. The usual balance of men to women is about 2:1 as more men appear to be able to attend more regularly. Therefore, we would be pleased if more women, couples & families joined us and attended more regularly.

6. What is the age range of those that attend?

We have all ages from children up to some over 80. The majority are in the 30 - 60 age group.

7. Does the club operate a waiting list for singles?

No. Membership is open to families, couples and singles, although preference is given to families and couples.

8. What is Naturism?

Basically naturism (or nudism as it is sometimes called) is the enjoyment of everyday activities but without clothing. Good examples would be swimming, sunbathing, going to the beach, sports, and sauna.  Naturists believe that the human body is not offensive and that many activities lend themselves to such a lifestyle.  There are of course other activities that are not necessarily naturist friendly and in these cases naturist wear clothing in the same way as everybody else just as if it is cold we also dress.

9. I'm a bit shy; can I wear a swimming costume?

All of our events are totally nude and therefore swimming costumes are not allowed. The only exceptions are the pool staff employed by the facility, and in exceptional circumstances e.g. health reasons.  For the same reason spectators are not allowed either, unless they are prepared to undress.

10. A group of us are coming to a future event and we wanted to take some photos. Is this OK?

The facilities that we use do not allow any photography on their premises, even for public sessions. Therefore the answer is no.

11. This is my first time at a naturist event. Is there anything different I need to do?

In general, be yourself and treat the event as you would when going to a public swim session.  An all-nude environment can be a daunting experience for the first time visitor and there are some simple rules of etiquette that should be followed.  First of all, please bring a towel to sit on any public surface.  Second, naturists value their own personal space: please respect this.  Third, you are bound to be curious but please avoid staring at particular body parts that are not normally seen.

12. Is it OK if we trim or remove our pubic hair, have tattoos or piercing?

It does not matter if you keep your pubic hair, trim or remove it. Also, we have no objection to tattoos or piercing as long as they are not flaunted sexually.

13. Erections?

The thing you will notice when you are in a naturist environment is that it is not sexual in any way. Therefore, it is very unlikely to occur. But if you feel that you may be getting aroused then you just need to make an effort to cover it up; you can swim in the pool or wrap a towel around yourself; it is not acceptable to walk around with an erection.

14. Is Desford Swimming Club a swingers club?

Absolutely not. The club is a safe place where members and visitors can enjoy the innocence of a nude skinny dip, without the unwelcome advances of others. Any member(s) or visitor(s) who displays any form of sexual behaviour will be immediately expelled from the venue and their details notified to British Naturism to warn other genuine naturist clubs.

15. If you are naked, it must be about sex?

Wrong.  This is a common misconception but naturism is nothing to do with sex.  Sexual activity at our events is forbidden in the same way as it would be at a public swim session. If you are looking for this type of activity, please look elsewhere.

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