Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Desford Swim

All members to only attend the swim if they feel well and not be in isolation following contact with anyone who has developed Covid 19.

Each member to remain aware of their proximity to others at all times and attempt to maintain social distancing, eg when changing poolside, swimming, stopping/standing in the water, sitting on the benches or playing badminton/table tennis.

Members to advise the secretary if following attendance at Desford Swim they develop Covid 19.

Car park – queue to enter the reception area 2m apart in household groups.

Entry door – to be propped open to remove hand contact with the handles.      ( hand gel available )

Booking in – door duty person to write the name on the attendance sheet for each member. NB.  door duty person advised to wear a mask for the duration of signing in.

Members to bring the right money for the swim.

Members to remove shoes.

Members to apply hand sanitiser before entering the pool area via the door at the end of entrance lobby ( changing rooms closed ) and to proceed round the pool area as directed.

Members to undress poolside putting their clothes neatly at 2m distance on the benches. ( previously cleaned with sanitiser )

Use of swimming pool – a lane to be put in for continuous swimming in a clockwise circuit.

Social swimmers to stand along the pool longitudinal edge next to the entrance door when not swimming, or get out and sit on the benches.

Lifeguard – to be aware of Covid -19 advice.

Gymnasium – members to apply hand gel on entering the gym and after assembling the equipment. Members to use sanitiser spray on the benches and equipment at the beginning and end of the session.

At the end of the swim session members to return to their clothes, dress and follow the one way system leaving the pool area via the door in the corner and out through the flagged area.

Benches to be sanitised.