Good  Reasons To Strip Off.


Improves Immune System.

Exposing your entire body to the sun's rays boosts vitamin D production, and could help you battle an array of ailments - while also keeping your smile sparkling.


Known as the "sunshine vitamin", vitamin D helps maintain bone and teeth health, supports the immune system and regulates insulin levels.

Studies have also shown vitamin D levels can influence in development of cancerous cells - so soaking up a bit of sunshine in the buff could ward off the deadly illness.

Relaxation & Confidence.

Once you get over the sensation of being starkers, stripping off will relax your whole system. Going naked can improve blood flow and can also enhance your mood.

"Being happy with your body begins with a naked one," says psychologist Emma Kenny.

"Being willing to bare all and being unafraid of our bodies can provide a boost to our confidence”.

"People who don't feel the need to cover themselves up are potentially more self-accepting."

Helps Circulation.

Presser marks can occur when cloths, underwear or socks are too tight, and losing clothes can help your body's circulation right itself.

"When one sleeps naked, there will be no concerns with circulation, as the body is not restricted or constrained in any way," says Dr Wong-Powell.

"This will allow full blood and lymph circulation, enabling the body to regenerate during sleep".